Refurbishment - The Blue Bell Community Hub - Cocking, West Sussex

Owned by the community, but we still need your help to complete the refurbishment.

The total refurbishment cost is £150,000 and the balance of this will be achieved through further Community Share sales, donations, grants, other investors and community fundraising events.

There’s a lot of hard work ahead with many villagers offering their support and assistance in the clearance, garden preparation and decoration. The main bulk of the work will be carried out by contractors and this has now started.

Our main contractor is South Oak Development of Midhurst, some work has already been completed by local Cocking residents James Shaw and Tim Claydon.

By the end of this year we have programmed to make the building much more usable and inviting for all. This will include:

  • Strip out the bar and relocate it
  • Remove the pillars in the lounge to get much better circulation and flexibility within the available space (and to assure you, do all the structural changes needed to allow these supports to be removed!)
  • Replace the downstairs floors and have wood finishes in the shop and lounge areas
  • Create a new bar area and new cooled cellar to keep the beers and drinks at the right temperature
  • Equip the kitchen suitable for preparing quality wholesome pub-grub
  • Enhance the toile
  • Make all the downstairs areas fully wheelchair-accessible
  • Provide tenant accommodation including a small fitted out kitchen
  • Completely redecorate the outside and inside of the building
  • Provide very high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi
Blue Bell Community Hub - Cocking, West Sussex

And by March 2020 the outside we will get bike racks, a bike repair shed and dedicated maintenance area with water, compressed air and a toolset. We will provide more parking places (including dedicated disabled spaces) and repair the paving. We will also reinstate the garden area with outdoor seating and provide hedging/fencing on the raised part to make it safe for children.

Proposed Exterior - Blue Bell, Cocking, West Sussex

Refurbishment Plans - External

Refurbishment Plans - External

View the Blue Bell Community Hub external refurbishment plans.

Impression of new bar area - Blue Bell, Cocking, West Sussex

Refurbishment Plans - Internal

Refurbishment Plans - Internal

View the Blue Bell Community Hub internal refurbishment plans.