Community - Blue Bell Community Hub

The Hive of Community Activity

The Blue Bell Community Hub will become a hive of community and voluntary activity, providing retail, café, pub, bed and breakfast and be a focal point for community events and services. This will be supported by the community through volunteer activity and working with local businesses.


Your Community Hub Needs You!

Can you spare some time to help with fundraising events, such as a coffee morning, book exchange, possibly even a barn dance? These events will be crucial, not only to help raise funds but in maintaining the high profile of the Hub and keeping up momentum, but we can’t do it without your help!

If you can help or would like to be more involved in the hub, we’re looking for:

  • bakers
  • ticket sellers
  • flyer distributors
  • a fundraising secretary
  • and people with ideas!


Please register your interest here


or either post your interest on the Facebook Community Page or email us at

Your Community Hub Needs You