Advice and Assistance - Blue Bell Community Hub

Plunket FoundationWe have had extensive discussions with the Plunkett Foundation  Plunkett was formed more than one hundred years ago to “create a sustainable initiative that will make your community a better place to live. We call these initiatives community businesses.”  They have 500 active members running vibrant community businesses, predominantly pubs and shops all over the UK. We are now members and discussions have been held with the advisor assigned who believes the project has great potential and who has endorsed this business plan.

Plunkett have access to funding of up to £100,000 (50/50 grant loan) under their ‘more than a pub’ scheme and in addition can advise on many other sources of grant and loan finance for community schemes.

We have also drawn on the experience of members of the committee in fund raising and project development.

We have commissioned a highly experienced valuer accredited by the Plunkett Foundation and his report gives valuable guidance on the economics of the operation and generally endorses our approach. The report is extensive but a summary of the valuation is given in Appendix C.  The full report is available on the website